Find all workflows where a field is used (Onprem only)

I have a customer with a TON of workflows and custom fields. I needed to figure out everywhere that a field was used in the workflows. After doing some Poking around in the database I created a simple SQL statement that tells me everywhere the field is used. In this case I have a field on the opportunity that I want to find out all of the surrounding workflows that affect it.


So I ran this SQL against the database and entered the entity and attribute.

SELECT w.categoryname,, w.statecodename, w.statuscodename FROM FilteredWorkflowDependency AS wd INNER JOIN FilteredWorkflow AS w ON wd.workflowid = w.workflowid WHERE (wd.dependententityname = 'opportunity') AND (wd.dependentattributename = 'hci_allpaymentsreceived')



I now know the two workflows that this field is used in and can go from there.

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