imageI work for a consulting firm in Dublin Ohio called Affiliated Resource Group. For the ten years I have been spearheading our Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice. I have a deep appreciation for the Microsoft CRM platform and I am very excited about it. You might even describe me as a Microsoft CRM Advocate. I have many battle scars from my experience with the product and I’m constantly being asked questions about CRM and how-to-do something in it. Hence, this BLOG is to help disseminate that knowledge and information to everyone. Now, knowledge is not always gained by my suffering through issues, I have found that it is very advantageous to read what other people are going through as well. I subscribe to about 60-80 other CRM blogs and as good information is logged on them, I will post those tidbits of knowledge on my blog as well. Why, so that my customers can subscribe to one blog and not have to read about someone’s cat or political views. With that said, 90-95% of the blog posts on this site are from other CRM bloggers. So good luck and I hope that this blog may help in some way. If you have suggestions or questions, please email me them.

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